Secure Moving and Storage Boxes

Moving can be extremely stressful and strenuous. It’s very important that a detailed inventory of all your items is made, large furniture is disassembled, your belongings are protected, and everything is securely stored when shipped to your new home. It’s essential that you schedule your move ahead of time so that all of your items arrive on time. In addition to all this, you then need to move all your belongings into your new home, assemble all your furniture, and unpack everything. Moving to a new place is never easy, but our expert movers and moving storage containers can help. Our Suzie Cube moving and storage boxes offer the best storage and security for your belongings when you move across the country. Learn more about our high-quality storage containers for moving, below.

Weather Tight and Secure Moving Containers

Suziecubes IMS containers are 8’ long, 4‘ wide, and 7.5‘ tall. They are large enough to fit a king size bed, a couch, or other large furniture. They are small enough to be shipped reliably by virtually all transportation modes and fit neatly into a tight parking space. Our containers are made of tough power coated steel, are low enough to not be banged up when loading and unloading, are 100% weather tight – can be stored inside or out, and have rubber safety bumpers on all corners. Some are also equipped with GPS trackers that link directly into our logistics platform. With our GPS trackers, you will always know where your belongings are in transit as they make their way to your destination. No other company that we are aware of in the business goes to these great lengths to safeguard your belongings.

We value our customers and go to great lengths to ensure all your belongings and personal items are well taken care of. Our weather tight moving and storage boxes will protect your belongings as we move them to your new home. We expertly pack our storage containers to ensure we can transport as much as possible in each container without causing damage. It’s our goal to provide our customers with a safe, efficient, and quick move. Our moving containers work well for cross-country moves, corporate moves, and more. Contact us today for a free quote on how to utilize our versatile moving containers for your next move.