How It Works

Suzie Cube Makes Moving Easy! In 3 simple steps.

Within seconds you can learn what the cost to move your home is. Our Free Instant Quote helps you plan your move. If you have any questions, give us a call and one of our service reps can assist.

Our interstate container based shipping is the easiest solution in the industry. Let's get you moved in 1, 2, 3...

Estimate Cost

We size your move up front and give you a not to exceed guaranteed price for the articles that you want moved. You can even size and price your move yourself with our packing wizard. You tell us what you want to move and we automatically calculate what you need and your guaranteed price. There are no gimmicks – period.

Dropoff Cube

We deliver to your door everything that we or you will need: durable containers, trucks, corrugated containers, boxes, furniture pads, Packers, Movers, and more. You can pack up the containers yourself or we can pack them for you. You purchase only the amount of containers that you need. You pay a flat price for each container that we move for you. There are no hidden charges!

Pickup & Deliver

We pick up your container(s) and ship them with one of 50 reliable transportation companies that are in our network. This means that you are going to get the best price and a fast reliable delivery date – no block out dates and no delays. You have your own customer service agent to speak with at anytime to get an exact status on your move. You can even get the location of your things with our exclusive GPS trackers. Your things are packed securely, locked, and safe until they arrive at your new location. You can then unpack them yourself or we will do it for you.